Who We Are

Solutionwerks is dedicated to delivering our corporate values of quality, integrity and value in every project we take on.

Founded by Dennis Derr in 2000, Solutionwerks, Inc is a global supplier of equipment and technical services for the production, storage and use of industrial gases. Structured on quality, value, and integrity, our team of engineers and technical specialists is among the most experienced and capable in the industry.

Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Solutionwerks was created to solve the problems facing the industrial gases industry and create easily accessible support for our customers. Our technical support specialists are located throughout the U.S., giving us broad geographic coverage; and in-house experts work closely with specialty subcontractors who bring decades of experience to our team.

Whether you’re in search of new equipment and the latest technologies, or need assistance getting the most out of your decades old plant, we want to help you. Solutionwerks will work with you to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for your facility, and solve problems that no one else will touch.

Let us find the solution that WERKS for you!

Giving Back

We believe that education and exposure are the most powerful tools that you can be equipped with, which is why we partner with universities, like Penn State, to sponsor student design projects. These projects provide students the ability to develop, design, and research concepts and improvements for our industry.

Projects range from one semester to a full school year, and they culminate in public showcase upon completion. We have worked with teams to develop engineering improvements in the form of training, equipment design, and more.

Penn State University Student Project
Penn State University Student Project
Penn State University Student Project
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