Plant Upgrades

Solutionwerks will WERK with you to find upgrades that increase efficiency and save you money.

Time for your upgrade?

Solutionwerks has the capability to execute virtually any retrofit project for your plant to improve its performance, increase its capacity, lower its power consumption, reduce labor costs, or improve reliability. We’ll carefully evaluate your specific situation to develop and implement the most efficient upgrade solution. Here are a few new control panel examples.

PLC Control Systems

Plants are often forced to operate at fixed and, sometimes, inefficient rates of production because the controls are just not up to the task. This can be changed with an upgrade to a PLC based control system. Reliability and efficiency increase substantially and plants become much easier to monitor and operate; ensuring data is never more than a few clicks away.

Adsorption Air Pre-purifiers

Internal corrosion and metal fatigue are issues facing many older, reversing heat exchanger plants. A Molecular Sieve front end helps to combat the causes of deterioration. Solutionwerks offers reversing heat exchanger replacement services, a patch for the root problem, but we also upgrade plants to mole sieve front ends. The reversing heat exchangers are left intact and converted to non-reversing service, resulting in longer plant life and reduced start-up times.

Liquid Back-up Systems

The cost of a gas outage can be very high, leaving no room for failure when it comes to gas supply. Well-designed liquid and gaseous back-up systems can minimize risk and provide time to avert potential complications. Currently, many plants utilize electrically heated vaporizers that tend to corrode over time and consume energy, even when not in service. These problems can be eliminated with the installation of aluminum ambient air vaporizers. Another popular back-up systems upgrade is the incorporation of economizer circuits. Without an economizer circuit, boil-off gases are vented to the atmosphere, but when economizers are added, these gases are rerouted to the owner’s process.

Solutionwerks will WERK with you to find any upgrades to increase efficiency and save you money. Call us at 610-928-7188 to get your proposal today!

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