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for the Industrial Gases Industry
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Maintenance Services

If your industrial gas plant is like most, it's probably not running at peak efficiency and costing more than it should in terms of either energy, maintenance, or labor. Let Solutionwerks come into your plant, and we'll spot those inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improving your operation. Solutionwerks can then repair or replace any equipment or parts that are not working properly.

Solutionwerks is unique in its ability to service both cryogenic and non-cryogenic air separation plants of any manufacture. It doesn't matter whether your plant was built by a U.S., European, or Asian company, Solutionwerks has the expertise to service it. If we don't have sufficient technical information in our data base to supply any equipment or parts you may need, we'll work with you to get it.

Control Valve Replacement

A sampling of our capabilities in this area includes:

  • Compressor rebuilds
  • Expander rebuilds
  • Cold end check valve replacements
  • Cold box insulation removal/replacement
  • Heat exchanger repair
  • Cryogenic tank repairs
  • Cryogenic pipe insulation
  • Leak detection

Good maintenance is vitally important to a plant's reliability, performance, and safety. Solutionwerks can assist with all aspects of plant maintenance, including complete maintenance turnarounds.

A typical turnaround on an air separation plant would include:

Air Pre-purification Filters
  • Defrost/derime of the cold end
  • Valve rebuilds/replacement
  • Insulation repair/removal
  • Equipment overhauls
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Control recalibration
  • Safety valve recertification
  • Piping repairs
  • Filter and screen cleaning/replacement

Solutionwerks also provides long term maintenance and operating services. Our O&M contracts are custom tailored to each client's needs and can include routine maintenance, continuous process management, attended or unattended operation, and even hauled in liquid backup. Detailed operations and maintenance records are kept to ensure that the plant's history is well documented.

Whatever your maintenance or operating needs, Solutionwerks stands prepared to assist!!