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Engineering Services

Reversing Heat Exchanger Fin Sample

Solutionwerks' engineering and consulting capabilities are among the best in the industry. Each of our technical specialists brings a wealth of experience to our team, including hands-on start-up, operations and maintenance. The hard earned lessons that come from decades of experience are applied to every one of our engineering assignments and provide the assurance that our technical solutions represent more than just good theory.

Solutionwerks performs various types of plant audits to confirm operating efficiencies, production capabilities, plant reliability, and/or safety. Life cycle assessments can also be performed to gauge the remaining useful life of the plant using a variety of analytical techniques.

Performance testing can be done to further assess the health of a plant. Malfunctioning equipment or controls as well as sub-optimal operating practices will quickly become apparent during a thorough performance test. Every test is then accompanied by a written report and recommendations for improvement.

Changes in gas demand or a desire to produce more saleable product often lead to the need for debottlenecking studies. Relatively minor changes in equipment components, such as re-rating a compressor or lowering inlet temperatures can sometimes result in significant improvements in performance.

Reversing Heat Exchanger Corrosion Analysis

Plant safety should never be compromised. A thorough review of safety relief valves, equipment and control interlocks, vessel wall thickness, and other critical parameters can identify any unnecessary risks. Gas handling and other operating procedures also have a direct impact on safety and should reflect industry-approved best practices throughout the facility. If there's any question about how a plant will respond in an upset condition, an in-depth hazards review can be undertaken to pin point potential problems.

Solutionwerks can provide all the basic and detail design necessary along with the project management to carry out plant modifications, repairs, or outright replacements. And when the installation is complete, Solutionwerks will commission and start up the facility, thereby maintaining single point accountability for the job from beginning to end.